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Madden NFL 09 review

Posted by meme video guy On January - 10 - 2009

Buy Madden NFL 09 at – YouTube review of Madden NFL 09 for Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox and Xbox 360 taken from episode 63 of the weekly Gamesweasel video podcast.

Full review at

Get the free weekly podcast from the Gamesweasel iTunes store page at for video game reviews, news, previews, competitions and special features. Podcast available in mp3, iPod video, PSP video and HD formats.

Wii Fit Fitness Review

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

The Nintendo Wii Fit is reviewed by’s wii fit girl Sarah. Watch more fitness videos – reviews the exercise video game. Fun Fitness or lazy workout? Will the Wii Fit help combat childhood obesity and aid weight loss? Read Sarah’s Blog on the Wii Fit and it’s impact on childhood obesity

Classic Game Room HD – FATAL INERTIA for Xbox 360 review

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

Classic Game Room was the FIRST classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999. Returning in 2008 with new episodes, Classic Game Room breaks out a review of FATAL INERTIA for the Xbox 360 video game console! This game is like Hyrdo Thunder meets Star Wars Episode 1 Racer and it does that futuristic, space ship, land speeder, swamp buggy, deathmatch kind of thing well. If you like space ships and exploding things, and also like Forza 2 and Gran Turismo Prologue on the PS3, then you should enjoy this game. It’s lots of fun and feels like an old school arcade game… maybe not really old school, but it feels a lot like Hyrdo Thunder did in the arcade. Good times can be had playing Fatal Inertia (which also plays on Xbox Live). For those of you who don’t know what inertia is, it’s physics! Like if you are driving in your space ship swamp buggy at 300 mph and hit a wall, the ship stops, but inertia keeps you going until you are flattened into another wall or object. This game is fun with physics!

Be sure to watch the original Classic Game Room episodes. Classic Game Room was the original classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999-2000, now on DVD. Wii, PS3, Xbox 360. Pro system.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Video Review – Exclusive!!! (Xbox 360)

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

Here is my exclusive video review for Grand Theft Auto 4 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Is it worth the hype? Check out the video.

This video was created and edited entirely by me.

Fable 2 game Review – PonderPop – xbox 360

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

PonderPop Game review, Fable II
View in High Quality at

The highly anticipated new RPG from lionhead and Microsoft game studios Fable 2 is here at last, does it live up to expectations? lets find out.

Fable 2 Pub Games – Game Review – Xbox 360 Live Arcade

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

Fable 2 Pub games, Blunty reviews.
In anticipation of the upcoming release of Fable 2 lets take a look at Fable 2 Pub games.
In a game which represents the first of it’s kind, Fable 2 Pub games interacts directly with Fable 2 so gold and items you win in this xbox360 Live arcade game get transferred to your character in Fable 2!

Folklore PS3 Review IGN

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

Folklore review on IGN. Folklore is an action/adventure game by Kouji Okada (the father of the Shin Megami Tensei series) that takes you through seven mysterious and yet Earth-like worlds. The game features two main characters. Ellen, a troubled young woman searching for answers to her past, receives a letter from her mom: a person who died when she was a child. The letter says “I want to meet you,” and suggests that Ellen go to the town of Doolin. There, she meets Keats, a journalist who handles the occult corner of a magazine. He receives a phone call from an unknown girl asking for help. When he gets to Doolin, he finds that the girl has already been killed, and decides to start up an investigation.

Classic Game Room HD – RESISTANCE 2 for PS3 review part 1

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

Part 1 of 2. The Classic Game Room HD RESISTANCE 2 review. CGRHD reviews Resistance 2, the new first person shooter from Insomniac for the Playstation 3 PS3 video game console. Nathan Hale returns to fight the Chimera in America this time around. Resistance: Fall of Man came out a year or two ago and blew us away with its smooth gameplay, awesome storyline and tremendous FPS action. This R2 review shows that everything has improved. The sound effects, graphics, environment and action have somehow reached a new level of perfection. Although Resistance 2 has an improved multiplayer mode this part of the review covers the single player campaign mode. Controls are solid, the footage shows the action packed gameplay on the PS3 and the ferocity of the enemies who confront you. Your favorite weapons are back along with many new ones. The Bullseye, Laark and Auger just to name a few. R2 is a blast to play and this review has the best gameplay footage you’re likely to find thanks to the CGRHD team of magic unicorns and video recording equipment. Resistance 2 is out now for the PS3. Highly recommended. This game is not likely to come out for the Xbox 360, Wii or Atari 2600 any time soon. Classic Game Room is the ultimate video game review show in the universe bringing you the best in new games and old school retro gaming classics. If you searched for a RESISTENCE 2 review and spelled Resistance incorrectly with an E… here you go! Only CGR helps out with searching for misspelled words.

Unreal Tournament 3 – Mod Install Tutorial for PS3

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

Many people wonder if it’s hard to install mods on the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3. The host of Epileptic Gaming, djWHEAT, takes you through the very EASY process of downloading a mod, and loading it onto your PS3 using a computer and a USB Memory Stick. For more gaming tutorials and news watch Epileptic Gaming every Thursday at 7PM EST only on

Japanese PlayStation 3 Account Creation – Tutorial – EG #154

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

djWHEAT shows you how to create a Japanese PlayStation 3 account. With a Japanese account, you’ll have access to all the best new content from Japan, as more often than not, demos, game content, and other PSN content is released in Japan weeks before it’s released elsewhere in the world.

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