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Obama admin bans press from filming BP oil spill areas in the Gulf

Posted by meme video guy On January - 24 - 2011

CNN’s Anderson Cooper discusses how the Obama administration is limiting access by the media to areas affected by the BP Macondo well spill.

Queens of the stone age- better living through chemistry

Posted by meme video guy On January - 24 - 2011

Another vid, (this time not a slide show) of QOTSA, better living through chemistry. Great song… more to come

The Origin Of Life: Chemistry + Biology = Abiogenesis

Posted by meme video guy On January - 24 - 2011

Science & Reason on Facebook: Complexity (Chapter 4): The Origin Of Life: Chemistry + Biology = Abiogenesis — Please subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • — CHEMISTRY Stars like our own Sun form from gas clouds that have about every kind of element there is as well as some pretty complicated molecules. Stuff leftover after the sun forms usually turns into a system of planets. Some of these planets have solid surfaces, perhaps liquid seas and a gaseous atmosphere; a rich environment for atoms and molecules to come together in complex chemical reactions. Carbon atoms in particular, link together to form complex organic molecules and amino acids. Chemical catalysts speed reactions along. The products of one chemical reaction become the raw material for new reactions. At some level of complexity a catalyst became an enzyme, an amino acid chain became a protein, a loop of chemical reactions became a metabolism, and chemistry became … biology. BIOLOGY On our own planet, and perhaps countless others – life arose. The DNA molecule, which is the basis of all organic life on Earth, is more intricate by far than any spiral galaxy – because the structure of DNA contains something new – something that was missing from inanimate matter before the origin of life – it contains information. The DNA molecule encodes not only the information necessary to make copies of itself, but the information necessary to

Queens Of The Stone Age – Better Living Through Chemistry

Posted by meme video guy On January - 24 - 2011

The best video of this song that I have seen.

CHEMISTRY – Point Of No Return

Posted by meme video guy On January - 24 - 2011


Posted by meme video guy On January - 24 - 2011

JOIN her on FACEBOOK: *************************************************************** *************************************************************** – Special thanks to G4tv and all of you who tune in! G4tv named Michelle Renee Coudon as one of the Hottest Women of the Web on Attack of the Show! Countdown List #10 – Dita Von Teese # 9 – Bianca Balti # 8 – Francine Dreyfus aka Frangry # 7 – Christina Ricci # 6 – Michelle Renee Coudon # 5 – Gisele Bundchen # 4 – Alix Bancourt # 3 – Pilar Montenegro # 2 – Emmanuelle Chriqui # 1 – Abbey Clancy Link to full video:

Call of Duty + Women = What?

Posted by meme video guy On January - 24 - 2011

Personality is extremely important and I am not ignoring the issue. To clarify, I’m ONLY discussing physical appearance. Don’t pine over an attractive woman. Tis a fools errand and life is too short. Be realistic, respect yourself, and play Mario Galaxy 2. That is all 🙂

Junior Jack – Stupid Disco [HQ]

Posted by meme video guy On January - 10 - 2009

Junior Jack – Stupid Disco

#69 – Top Favorites (Today22Aug2008) – Howto & Style – United Kingdom

Shiny Toy Guns-Chemistry of a Car Crash (with lyrics)

Posted by meme video guy On January - 10 - 2009

You’re waking up
A part of me i’ve never known
And i’ve never felt
So invincible
What took you so far away?

You’re lost for tonight again
That’s what you wanted?
Your arms to your side again..

Just take away the words i say
Cause i know
That you don’t feel the same
Just go and say
What’s in your head
And i won’t try to stop you

You hold the rights i’ll never own
And i’ve never felt
So alien
Don’t tear us apart again

What is the use of it
We’re ok 🙂 it’s nothing . .
It’s all chemistry of a car crash

And i won’t try so you’ll stay
This time
I won’t try
And i won’t change
This time i won’t try
To stop you

Sept 20,1992 NFL Live (NBC) Brett Favre Post Game Interview

Posted by meme video guy On January - 10 - 2009

Brett Favre’s post game interview on NFL Live (NBC) just moments after he threw the game winning touchdown to WR Kitrick Taylor in the Packers 24-23 come from behind win over the Bengals.This interview was after the famous game that launched Brett Favre’s hall of fame carrer.

Its great watching this video from 1992 for a couple entertaining reasons.

One is when when Bob Costas asks Favre about Majkowski’s injury as if to say ”you are the starter untill Majkowski comes back”.Majkowski would never throw another pass for the Packers agian.I also love when Costas explains how to pronounce ”Favre”,obviously Favre was a fairly ”unkown backup QB” at the time of this video but its still entertaining watching that today.

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