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Johnny Lee: Wii Remote hacks

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009 Johnny Lee demos his amazing Wii Remote hacks, which transform the $40 game piece into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen and a head-mounted 3-D viewer. A multi-ovation demo from TED2008.

Wii Laptop!

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

From engadget:

It’s the Wii laptop! We spent the last few weeks (including much time spent over the holidays evading relatives) slaving over this bad boy and finally it’s complete. Check out the features:

* 16:9 widescreen LCD, 7-inch diagonal.
* Stereo sound
* Gamecube controller port
* Built-in short range Sensor Bar
* Ports for using original Sensor Bar and A/V output jacks (for use on external display)
* Built-in power supply and compartment for power cord
* Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.7 x 2-inches

Starting next Tuesday we’ll be doing a multi-part How-To with detailed instructions for building your own Wii laptop, as well as loads of photos of the construction process. But for now check out the gallery for more detailed photos of the unit, and click on to see some video of the Wii laptop in action.

Xbox 360 Song

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

I did not sing the song soulsama did.
Most images were found on google.
Hope you enjoy this video!

UPDATE: here is the song that so many of you are always asking me for:

Also i have decided to get an xbox 360 as a side console, but i will leave this up here anyways since i do still believe that the failure rate of the 360 is way to high currently.

EVERYONE: Watch this video its so hilarious if you have time watch some of his other videos too hes hilarious.

Xbox 360 Secrets

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009 – I know many people consider themselves “experts” when it comes to knowing all about the Xbox 360. XeWoN has sent in the following list of “tips”… which cover Xbox 360 features that are largely unknown to most people.

PS3 games

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

5 game trailers and PS3 pics

How to paint a PlayStation 3 in MS Paint

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

Sony PlayStation 3

Music: Carlos Santana – Europa

Part 1/3 of a bigger project. (I want to paint a Wii, PS3 and an Xbox 360 in MS Paint).

Full quality image:

Took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

– Used a ball mouse and a picture of a PS3 as reference.

Japanese PlayStation 3 Account Creation – Tutorial – EG #154

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

djWHEAT shows you how to create a Japanese PlayStation 3 account. With a Japanese account, you’ll have access to all the best new content from Japan, as more often than not, demos, game content, and other PSN content is released in Japan weeks before it’s released elsewhere in the world.

Unreal Tournament 3 – Mod Install Tutorial for PS3

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

Many people wonder if it’s hard to install mods on the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3. The host of Epileptic Gaming, djWHEAT, takes you through the very EASY process of downloading a mod, and loading it onto your PS3 using a computer and a USB Memory Stick. For more gaming tutorials and news watch Epileptic Gaming every Thursday at 7PM EST only on

Official Sony PS3 Home Video Trailer

Posted by meme video guy On January - 7 - 2009

Preview the Playstation 3’s upcoming “home” environment. See what you’ll be able to do online soon on the PS3! From Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Inventing Swear Words 3

Posted by meme video guy On December - 30 - 2008 : Make your own machinima at

Oxhorn, Staghorn and Mortuus have been unsuccessful in getting their newly invented swear words to be used, and so they go off in search for the Master of Euphemisms, to see if he can help.

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I promised in the trailer that I would have this out during the summer, and seeing as how summer officially ends September 23rd, I feel like I have met my goal! Even if it isn’t very warm outside.

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